Among the most popular action games available for smartphones and tablets, Sniper 3D tops the list. This game keeps its players entertained more than anyone would evelr think of. Re

3D Sniper game is one of the games that one can player for hours without getting bored or losing interest. Although this game was officially launched in 2014, it still has very attractive and fine graphic effects compared to others that were released at the same time.

Many tablets and smartphones compatible games released the same time as 3D has a number of changes and adjustments to be done to reach to its level. Sniper 3D has grown a lot in its popularity due to the fact that it works in almost all smartphones and tablets including the cheap ones.

“Fun Games For Free” were the ones responsible for releasing Sniper 3D and it is mostly known for other games like; Building Simulator, Block Craft 3D or Castle Crash. Downloading Sniper 3D into your Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad) is free of charge.

The main mission in Sniper 3D is assassinating terrorists, rebellions and mafia heads. Every time you start a mission, you receive commands from army officials. For you to come out as a master assassin, you need to give your best and snipe accurately.

To start with, you are given all the basic weapons you need, however, for you to be ahead of your enemies, it is important to have more advanced weapons. For this reason, it is important to unlock all guns to have enough weapons to complete your mission. Below are a few tips to make this possible.

  1. Mastering the art

Mastering the sniper is not easy. It is an art that requires commitment, patience and time to be good at it. Instead of spending so much time concentrating on eliminating the best possible number of opponents by shooting continuously, utilize a sniper indicate to make an accurate shot.

It is very important to understand that at the beginning, you don’t have access to machine gun for shooting fast fire, therefore, make good use of the weapons you have without making much mess.

  1. Upgrade your weapons

Advancing and updating your weapons to different faces as fast as you can is another secret of survival in this game. The higher your weapons are, the easier you will be able to assassinate your enemies and vice versa.

To do the necessary upgrades, familiarize yourself with the ones recommended by the designers. Although there are different types of upgrades available in the game, choose careful to avoid misusing your currencies in purchasing insignificant upgrades.

  1. Identify your mission type

There are two types of objectives in Sniper 3D assassin game; the main mission and the desired mission. Although these two missions are different, if you are a good sniper, you will easily take down your challengers in both cases with very little effort.

Winning in the primary objective is easy and can be done with the free weapons given to you. However, the second objective you need more advanced weapons and be more careful when dealing with your challenger.