How to get legendary dragon in dragon city

Legendary dragons are the most powerful dragon that is available in the dragon city. One of the most active competitions that is present for mythical dragon is the mermaid dragon .. so to summon a legendary dragon you need to reach level 27 and then breeding will start in level 38.

Some of the users also prefer the use of pure dragon. Since they also possess a great deal of power. With the help of pure dragon city hack, a player can manage one of the most critical hits using the attack known as basic fireball attack.

Now when you have achieved level 20 with a pure dragon you lead a very crucial run using the ice and the water elements and the damage can be 11, 000 and more. So, most of the pro players always have pure dragon in their team since they manage to give you a win in each of the possible combat.

Breeding Element dragon vs legendary dragon

While the mythical dragon is a fierce dragon to breed. You should not wait for legendary dragon only. Instead you can make use of the elements dragon that you can get at level 15.

Some of the essential beginners of this game have fallen in love with elements dragons. This because most of the fights can be won from this dragon, but it gets severe critical damage when it comes in combination with metal elements.

Breeding Apocalypse dragon vs legendary dragon

Apocalypse dragons are considered as one of the most reliable dragons that are present in the dragon city. This is because they have a combination of four essential elements and generally comes with excellent health.

When apocalypse is combined with flame and terra elements then it can use these elements to provide most of the critical hits.

Breeding Supersonic dragon vs legendary dragon

Now, most of the players think that existence of this dragon is a myth. Now these dragons are less potent than legendary dragons, but they are worth all your money and gold.

According to rumors, they use four elements to provide a critical attack, and these are electric, terra, metal and nature. The players who have managed this dragon said that it comes in level 28 and has most advanced attacks. They will win most of the fights, and they become the strongest on scale 40.

Bradding Guardian vs legendary dragon

They are considered as one of the strongest dragons, but not the strongest. The players who have used this dragon have said that they are available at level 30 and can cause some critical damage during fights.

Another reason, it is so impactful is that any damage can both be below 1200. The injuries that it can cause icy wind, electro ball and black hole.

Final thoughts

From the information, it is clear that the legendary dragon is one of the most powerful dragons in the dragon city, but it’s worth all the wait. There are various options available instead of mythical dragons, to make your gameplay an immersive experience

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